About Moral Money

Do you wish you could see money as less of a "necessarily evil" than as a meaningful tool to live a good life? Me too.

Join me in discovering how we can make this vision a reality.

The Moral Money Podcast is a collective inquiry into these questions and many more. Host Jeremy Kalin will be joined by rotating co-hosts as we visit with guests across faiths, backgrounds, ages and income. 

Together, we will be asking wide-reaching questions such as:

  • Can money actually draw us closer together?
  • What do our faiths teach us about money, and how money deepen our sense of spirituality? Could money ever be sacred, rather than profane?
  • Is there such a thing as "moral money?

We will also speak with practitioners who can provide specific tips on how we each might gain a richer relationship with money (pun intended), from where we bank and earn our money to how we think about buying essential items like food and clothing.

Because Moral Money is a collective inquiry, your ideas and questions will help guide the questions and the directions of episodes. 

So please, listen to episodes <here> and then send in your comments or questions <here>.

I hope you will also subscribe to the Moral Money Podcast on iTunes, and rate us and write a review there as well.