Episode 6: BONUS! "G-d is everywhere... in currency, too"

This is our first-ever Bonus Episode - a true milestone in the infancy of this podcast. Go us!

In episode 5, I was joined by one of my closest friends, Wade Vitalis. Before you listen to this Bonus Episode, I suggest you catch Episode 5. But it's still a free world - it's your choice, of course!

As happens all the time in Minnesota - we kept talking after we wrapped up the content we wanted to cover in Episode 5. Realizing that we were on to something big again, I pulled out my iPhone and hit record. The sound isn't bad - after I cleaned it up in postproduction.

Interestingly, the more we spoke about deep spirituality and Christianity's roots, the more freely we spoke - so there's several four-letter words dropped in this bonus episode. Another milestone - Moral Money Podcast's first language warning!

Jeremy Kalin