Episode 3: "Changing the course of someone's life" - Judy Halper and Dana Rubin


In Episode 3, I am joined by two leaders at Jewish Family and Children's Service of Minneapolis: Judy Halper, CEO and Dana Rubin, Development Director.

I asked Dana and Judy to appear together because they are partners in donor engagement. They speak in moral terms about giving and about justice.

JFCS operates 30 or so programs JFCS operates for clients in need across Hennepin County - the largest County in the State of Minnesota. Judy and Dana talk about why JFCS serves all people in need, not just the Jewish community. Learn more: JFCS of Minneapolis .

One note about sound quality, this episode is one where I still was getting the hang of the recording equipment. You can hear Judy and Dana very well - thank goodness, since they are absolutely on point throughout the discussion - but you might have a harder time hearing my questions. I've done my best to boost the sound sufficiently, but it's still not great; thanks for bearing with me, and I promise that the sound quality gets better on future episodes.

Jeremy Kalin